tell me about yourself...


Hope Studios is a collection of little studios for freelancers or start ups in the heart of Glasgow. It’s in the loft space above some very good hairdressers on Hope Street, hence the name. We’re looking for some relaxed people to share the space with who like to say hello when they arrive. We have large desks and lots of space, simple monthly contracts and everything freelancer friendly.

We couldn’t find anywhere like Hope Studios so we made it. We wanted somewhere we look forward to arriving at our desks with our coffee in the morning, can bring clients in to see our work and edit without headphones in. Some small little nooks on Hope Street have given us the chance to have this and share it with a few other people, it’s perfect for jumping on a train for a last minute meeting in Edinburgh or stopping in for a little dram on the way home when it’s been a rough week. It also has some cracking views for when you need to look off into the distance…


Desk Space, Studio Space, somewhere to show your work. We want to create something bigger than the sum of the parts. Surrounding yourself with good people makes work easier, maybe not faster though. 


Not fiber optic, but as good as we can get. Keen on having a phone line? We can talk about that too.


Need to get post delivered? Or keep your home address from clients who like to come round for tea? I once had a client who decided they wanted to be there for the whole edit process, it was horrendous having them in my living room on a Friday night, one of the reasons I moved out of my little home office. 205 Hope Street is a much better option.